IT Services for Cannabis Businesses in Alaska

Our Cannabis Managed IT services are an extremely cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house IT staff. Our remote experts handle all your regular computer maintenance, security protocols, and networks – all without the hefty price tag. We concentrate on the OPEX (Operational Expense) model where capital expenses are held to a minimum, which can save you both in taxes and in accounting and tax preparation costs. Talk with your CPA or tax professional to see if this is a good fit for you!

Our team will help you take your tech and sales process to the next level with reliable point of sale (POS), CRM and seed-to-sale integrations. Let’s grow together

As the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry gains traction, so do the threats. You need to take advantage of emerging security business solutions to lower costs and stay in-tune with the fast-moving cybersecurity landscape. Whether you’re looking for an industry-leading video monitoring systems, alarm or access control systems – we’ll equip you with the heavy-duty security you need.

Our goal is to provide you with the physical and virtual security necessary to protect your business, customers, and brand reputation. See our site at for more information.

We are the IT partner that will stand by your side as your business reinvents the world in both medicine and recreation – and DanTech Services is eager to provide that support.


Systems today can be built to securely provide remote access for management. This saves your business time and money as 85% of our support can be done this way.


Solution-oriented through experience and cost-awareness allows your business to receive the benefits of our extensive knowledge base of business support.


Your system receives 24/7 monitoring through our services, leading to quicker identification and resolution of problems.

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