When your network and computers are under control, you can focus on your business.

You deserve an IT system that works for you. The time, technology, and costs involved require expertise and dedicated management by professionals. When working with us, it’s not about sales and revenue but about service and support. It’s who DanTech Services is: a client-centric team.


DanTech Services specializes in Network Security & Data Protection

Security of Remote Workers in Anchorage, Alaska

We support businesses and their workers—remote and otherwise, yet we also recognize the importance of maintaining security of those users.

Managed IT Services

DanTech Services offers excellent Managed IT Services in Anchorage, Alaska and helps you to keep peak operation on the IT network of your small business steady and reliable.

Business Continuity Service

From cloud services to data backup, DanTech Services, an official reseller of Datto, a leader in data protection, to deliver the Best of Class solution.

Remote IT Services

Network interruptions and downtime translates to loss of revenue and productivity.

We aim to prevent disruptions caused by technology to keep your business running smoothly with our Remote IT Services.

Data Backup and Recovery in Anchorage, AK

We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it in a dissimilar server off site so you’ll always be able to re-access your data quickly. 

Network Security Service

UTM, or Unified Threat Management, provides layers of services designed and configured to protect your networks, workstations, and servers from intrusion, attack and data theft. 

A single mouse click can take down your business. We keep your Computers Under Control! by Protecting the Click!

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Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, we can help you with quality IT services today.

We Create Fully Connected IT Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We provide more than a firewall and a thumb drive. Disaster: we’ve got you covered. Malware or Ransomware: we’ve got you protected. User error: we’ve got your back. Your network is down – we are here for you.

Get Your Cyber Security Report Scheduled

Five Spheres. One Mission.

DanTech Services: trusted computer support for businesses throughout Anchorage – Let us help you today!


What People Are Saying

I would recommend DanTech Services to take care of the technical needs of any small business so you can concentrate on taking care of your customers and your business, knowing that your Internet, your network and your data is secure with DanTech Services.

Lisa Fink, Accountant

CPA, Nigel Guest

We had worked with DanTech previously years before on another issue and (have remembered) we called and he showed up and was able to take care of our problem. (And) we are now using them under contract monthly. He provides our IT services. We love the new spam email filtering. With DanTech Services taking care of our workstations and servers we have peace of mind.We are small company, we don’t have specialized IT resources. By hiring DanTech Services, we’ve got experts taking care of our IT side. It’s much more efficient, cost efficient, for us.

Ellen M. Cloudy

Chief Operating Officer, EHS-Alaska

I was very impressed with the prompt and professional response to my cry for IT help. And the response was immediate when I reached out to get an Off-Site backup of our business servers. Dan had the backup appliance on hand!! He was able to get backups created and taken to our other store the next morning. The appliance even emailed me the Boot status of the server after each backup.

Dan and Janet know how to deal with critical IT needs.


IT manager, Big Ray’s, The Alaskan Outfitter

I have always found the DTS commitment to customer satisfaction to be above and beyond what I could hope for. Timely responsiveness, dedication to customer experience and current knowledge of best practices and cost saving information technology strategies were the standard of performance I came to expect working with DTS

Eden Lovejoy

Owner, YourBusinessLifestyle.com, Inc.

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